About Future Fit

Future Fit is the only place to go in NCR for all of your kid's favorite activities; pre-school gymnastics classes, recreational gymnastics classes, Russian Ballet classes, competitive gymnastics, kid's cross-fit indoor fitness classes, teen gymnastics, kid's summer & holiday camps.

We offer Gymnastics & Russian Ballet classes for kids of all ages; beginning with our toddler program for preschoolers, all the way up to teen gymnastics and Ballet classes. In our gymnastics classes, your child will be introduced to the 4 Olympic gymnastics events for girls and the 6 Olympic gymnastics events for boys. In our Russian Ballet classes, your child will learn Pointe and other important routines integral to developing into a skilled Ballet dancer.

Future Fit is the only Gymnastics and Russian Ballet center in the area that has adequately large size indoor gymnastics floor, along with all necessary equipment aligned to international specifications and approved by Sports Authority of India.

Our professional, safety-certified and knowledgeable team will ensure that your child is learning in a fun and safe environment, challenging both their mind and their physical fitness. If you are looking for a place where your child can become a more active and physically fit child, and improve their gymnastics and body conditioning levels, then Future Fit is the place for them!

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Program Overview

Future Fit is more than just a state-of-the-art training facility, but also one of the largest privately owned gymnastics facilities in India! Our program is committed to excellence in a safe and fun environment. From beginner to elite - we have something for you! Our gymnastics programs inlcude Pre-School classes, Recreational classes and Competitive teams. We also have many other programs- Russian Ballet , Toddler program, Teen Gymnastics Plan just to name a few.

The Gymnastics Program is structured into 4 levels of excellence; starting with Beginners, going up to Advanced, each level is designed to address the fitness and training requirements of children as per their physiological and gymnastic age. The Beginners stage focuses on developing overall fitness before commencing gymnastic training. The Advanced level prepares the children to compete and reach for the Elite Training Program.

The Future Fit team prides itself in creating an atmosphere in which everyone is welcome and all have the opportunity to reach their potential!

If your child is new to Future Fit and would like to experience Gymnastics to make up your mind, we welcome you to undertake a prescribed trial period to experience all types of classes of gymnastics and ballet on offer, by turns. Choose what fires your child’s imagination the best to eventually register for the program!!