/Fun Cardio


Introducing kids to our LET'S MOVE program can be a fun way to get children involved in physical fitness and put them on the path to a lifelong enjoyment of exercise.

From simple games to more strenuous ones, LET'S MOVE sessions are adapted to the level of children's ability. To get younger children physically active, we take into account short attention span of kids and let kids play games, compete against others or the clock, and keep a score.

These sessions include jump rope, hop scotch, throwing balls, jumping in the air, hula hoop, relay races, jumping jacks & dashes, cardio kick boxing and aerobics.

The idea is to exercise more than one muscle group at a time and work different parts of the body in a number of sets – while ensuring the little gymnasts are enjoying their workout all the time! Our qualified fitness coaches are specially trained to work with toddlers and kids.

Our equipment and apparatus is completely child safe and age-appropriate. So, you can leave your kids in our able and tender hands - be sure they won’t want to leave the session even after it's over!

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